My name is Will Oelschlaeger. I’m a Cedar Rapids and Iowa City based photographer and designer with an illustrative bent. I specialize in beautiful, timeless wedding photography and thought out, well-constructed design.

I crafted my brand, Will Do X, out of a passion for art of all forms. I’ve always wanted to bring a superior level of craftsmanship to art, and, thanks to Will Do X, I have the outlet to do that.

Let me put my skills to work for you to solve your visual design questions or capture the important moments of your life in stunning photography. Let’s make something together.

Graphic Design is my first passion in the arts. Logos, fonts, colors, and grids are where I’m at my most comfortable. I can help you create your brand image, how you’ll present yourself to your clients, or I can lay out your annual report for your shareholders. I can make the next album art for your band, or I can design the T-shirts for your next charity 5k. If you need it done, I can do it, and I can make it excellent.

I studied photography at one of the best programs in the world, where I learned that the best photographs have excellent photographers as well as top-tier editors. Editing is the weak spot for many photographers today, but it is where I excel. I do all types of photography from weddings, to commercial products, to architectural, to graduations, and everything in between. Each one presents different challenges to editing and composition, and each one requires skill to handle appropriately. I shoot for longevity, with a mind for classic composition and edits that get the most out of the image, over popular and shorter-lived trends. Prices upon request.

My illustrations are primarily, if not exclusively, vector art designs. I pull from years of sketching and doodles, but have found a love for fine details within the BĂ©zier curves of vector art, which scales to any size without loss of these details. I draw from this skill in my logo design as well, but my illustration focuses on larger, more detailed pieces or technical diagrams.