Artist Profile

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What is there to know about me? My name is Will Oelschlaeger. I’m a visual artist by trade, and it is my passion to create compelling images.

I got my start at John Brown University, a small college tucked into the beautiful northwest corner of Arkansas that is highly sought after for its extensive art program. I began as a pure graphic designer, learning about composition, the flow of information and ideas, and the power of classic subtlety. I then branched out into photography and illustration which took those skills further while adding their own new twists.

I then worked for about two years in Seattle before returning to the Midwest and settling back into my home state, Iowa.

Now working as a freelancer, I specialize in small projects from young businesses and the personal projects of others. Photographically, I specialize in weddings and commercial work, but will take on anything. For my work in illustration, I prefer to do one-offs or small series in poster format.