Chapter One

Welcome welcome! The first ever Will Do Wednesday, and possibly the last. I guess we don’t know how this will go. The thing about blogs is that they are all nearly without fail boring to everyone except for the writer who is no doubt stroking an inflated ego. I’m going to do my best to avoid all that by focusing on business-related content as it pertains to you, the reader. “What kind of content is that?” you ask. Good question. I have some little talks about craftsmanship, identifying quality work versus things that look quality but aren’t, design, photography, illustration, and maybe some off-topic tangents such as wedding planning, corporate colors, or emergency tracheotomies (I spelled that right on the first try, good job, me).

I’m gonna try to do this every Wednesday, then every other Wednesday, then maybe every year or two if I remember. Just like my journal I kept as a kid. If you keep up with it, I’ll try to slip in trivia that you can answer to get discounts on services/future merchandise. And like a good blog writer should, I’ll try to listen to the community (or single reader, hi mom)¬†through the comments section to try to bring better content.

So at the risk of going on for too long here, here’s a quick update on the site’s progress.

  • The client portal is up and running! Once you’re in the system you’ll be able to download all your beautiful files off of it. No more of that searching your email folders 3 months later to find your engagement photos to download onto your new laptop.
  • The mobile version of the site is being refined. If you find overset text, please let me know.
  • I’ll be uploading more portfolio items soon.

Hopefully, this will be the most boring post ever, my grandpa always said, “never start on a high note. You’ll just get their expectations up.” Here’s to you, pappy.

Join me next week for: Photos of Dinos: Where are They Now?


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