Will Do Wednesday: How to Not Embarrass Yourself
Will | 23 September

First Impressions for Cool People Like You You walk into the room and take a look around. You see your

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Will Do Wednesday: The End of Advertisements
Will | 2 September

The Future of Invisible Advertisements Saturday morning cartoons were awesome as a kid. I loved jumping out of bed, running

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Will Do Wednesday: The Wedding Photographer from Hell
Will | 26 August

How to Pick a Photographer Who Isn’t Conspiring to Ruin Your Big Day As my number of unique site visitors

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Will Do Wednesday: Why the Worst Stuff Always Wins
Will | 12 August

The Last Shall Be First and Vice Versa Everything is terrible, and it’s because the bad guy always wins. The

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Will Do Wednesday: Go for Gold
Will | 5 August

White Balance and Self-Control Two weeks ago you gave up Instagram forever to nobly stave off the end of the

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Will Do Wednesday: Instagram Filters and the End of the World
Will | 22 July

#nofilter I don’t think it is too dramatic to say that Instagram will cause the end of the world. I

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Will Do Wednesday: The Narcissistic Post I Said I Wouldn’t Make
Will | 15 July

Hypocrisy: A Love Song I realize, before we can get into a world of insightful blog posts and self-deprecating humor,

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